• Using Plants In Your Apartment

    By Megan O’Neill | February 10 , 2019 | Blog
    Using Plants In Your Apartment

    One of the hottest trends in indoor living is adding houseplants. They create an instantly more homey environment, and lift the vibe of any space. Plants are very beautiful on their own, and can even improve the air quality of a space.

    How To Add Houseplants

    1. Hanging Planters
    If you have pets that like to get messy, or are lacking in surface area, then using hanging planters can be the way to go. They create visual interest in a room and can utilize often ignored upper space to make the flow of a room more balanced and visually appealing.

    Try using multiple planters with different plants for the best effect.

    2. Elevated Plants
    Get the plants off the floor by using an elevated pot or planting arrangement. Consider alternatives like ceramic pots or metal pots in order to have a unique space that highlights your awesome taste and style.
    Having elevated planters is a great choice when it comes to indoor trees or other plants that might be larger. It keeps branches, leaves and fronds off the ground and can make them easier to see. Elevated planters are good for heavier plants and provide a strong support for them in your home.

    3. Wall Mounted Planters
    Wall mounted plants can make good use of spare wall space. Instead of hanging a mirror or art, you can incorporate live plants into your apartment style. Mix and match wall planters, or have a uniform look. In your kitchen, you can even have a small herb garden that you can pick from while cooking meals of home. Choose from easy to maintain succulents or more leafy varietals, the possibilities for mounting plants on walls are virtually endless. Consider how easy they will be to water and where they will get the most sunlight.

    Types of Plants
    Which type of plant is best for your home? There are plants that are simply better suited to be grown indoors than others. One common type of plant is the Snake Plant, or Sanseviera Trifasciata. These can tolerate weeks of no watering, and have an interesting variegated appearance that many people enjoy. They also remove toxins such as benzene or formaldehyde from the air.

    Another good plant to consider is the Fiddle Leaf plant, or Ficus lyrata. These have large and attractive dark green foliage that do well in pots. They make a statement in any space, and instantly fill it with life.

    A third plant that does especially well when hanging is the pothos plant, or Epipremnum aureumis. The long vines have a slightly wild feel that can bring mother nature into any domestic space.

    Think about whether you want a smaller plant or a tree, and use this in your decision making when it comes to picking a plant for your home. There are many different ways to add plants to your living space, and they can have a huge benefit with increasing the vitality and attractiveness of the place that you call home.




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