• Creative Ways to Use Floating Shelves

    By Nina Gunther-Segal | March 18 , 2019 | Blog
    Creative Ways to Use Floating Shelves

    Interior decorators know that floating shelves are an extremely useful tool for maximizing storage and organization. They’re especially ideal for small homes, but can really be incorporated into any home to great effect. There are many kinds of floating shelves. Some designs include additional drawers for storage (especially effective for small spaces, since they do double duty!). Others are simply flat surfaces for display and storage, if you prefer
    a very minimal aesthetic.

    Floating shelves are often suggested as a way to display your favorite books and framed photos (with extra storage below); for frequently used items like spices and tools in the kitchen; and so forth. There’s really no room where you don’t need storage, so But here are a few really creative ways you can use floating shelves in your home.

    Floating shelves for books
    A classic use for floating shelves is to display your favorite books. Invisible floating bookshelves make it look like the books are quite literally hanging in midair against your walls. These floating shelves come in many different forms—basic stacks, with books hanging downward, at diagonals, and more.

    Floating shelf tree
    This article offers some amazing examples of floating shelves incorporated into tree designs. Use floating shelves as the “branches” to display books, photos, and other favorite objects. Especially as a feature wall, it’s a great way to add a natural vibe to your bedroom or living room. In a child’s room, you can use it to display toys, and create a
    unique and cozy nook for your kids.

    In the kitchen: use the bottoms AND tops of shelves

    In addition to using the tops of shelves for storage, as usual, you can also add hooks and use the bottoms of shelves to hang items for easy access. Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to make that happen. Hanging mugs from a shelf above the counter is a perfect way to keep your favorites close at hand, and looks fun and whimsical, to boot. This ingenious storage tip applies in the

    Shelves along a stairway
    The side of a stairway, with its wide triangular wall, is an ideal space for display. In smaller homes, it tends to be a space of underutilized storage, too. Whether you’d like to store a bowl of keys on these shelves or your overflowing library, it’s an effective option.

    Corner floating shelves
    A stack of triangular shelves snuggles perfectly into a corner that would otherwise go unused, easily adding several square feet of storage. This makes it an especially great addition to a smaller home. This guide explains how to build triangular corner shelves of your own, and it’s much easier than you’d think! They’re a great spot for a plant, your favorite vase, a stack of books, or anything else that’d fit well in a corner.

    Floating shelf as a space-saving alternative to your nightstand
    Don’t have much space in your bedroom? A floating shelf is an excellent alternative to a bedside table. Without four table legs taking up valuable floor space, you’ll have even more room for storage. A glass of water, your current book, an alarm clock—all are easily accessible on your bedside shelf. If your floating shelf includes a drawer, that means even more storage!

    Consider floating shelves
    Floating shelves are an ideal addition to virtually any room! Consider incorporating them anywhere you need extra storage and/or display.




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